Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Battle of The Beards

Hmmm there's been some beardy bragging going on in the Muleteer gang... I turn my back and they're all at it.... my beard's better than your beard..... mine has a better colour, no mine is more bushy!

Well anyone would think that a beard is this season's 'must have look'.... come to think of it they do keep your face warm, even MH sports one some of the time!

So first up on the designer beard front is Roller's fluffed out Polar Bear effort - marks out of 10?

We give 7/10 for substance, 6/10 for cleanliness (needs a brush Roller) and 8/10 for style - dig that graded colour Roller :-)

And next up is the bearded lady..... well it's Dragon and it's ok Dragon because girl mules can sport beards too at this time of year.

Hmmm yours is a little sparse so 5/10 for substance, 6/10 for cleanliness - let down by your general bog monster appearance and 7/10 for style, improved always by your beautiful eyes (will that make you forget the bog monster comments..... quick run! ;-)

And the final contender chipped in from the other side of the fence that he wanted to be included..... hmmm guess we could let him, we think this competition may be fixed?! This puppy does spend a lot of time parading his beard.....

Substance we give you a 9/10 - not bad for a canine creature, it is rather luxurious isn't it? Hmm cleanliness might have to be a 6/10 as we're sure we can see some staining in there, is that due to your messy eating habits, goodness knows what you're saving for later in there?  And finally style.... yeah, yeah ok you win we'll give you a 9/10 for style.... we admit your beard is quite handsome!

So there we have it the beardy competition is decided, Milo the bearded wonder wins.... honestly you'd think that us Muleteers have nothing better to do than stand around comparing beards, chatting with the neigh-bours and enjoying what sun there is, well come to think of it sounds like a perfect day!

Happy week friends xxx


  1. Adorable flufliness!. Love them all, so stylish and unique each is. And Mini's?. He sports a lovely choco beard, too! :-)

    Love and beard scratches to all. Keep warm and fashionable, my friends!

  2. Mile does have quite the beard!

  3. Yeah, the pupster wins. Though we give in a 10/10 for style

  4. Sorry but I think mine is best. I have put my entry for beard of the year on my blog. If I have to choose out of you lot I think Rolly gets the prize. His winter fluff is just amazing.

  5. I was thinking that Milo was going to win, but truthfully I think Roller had the most magnificent. Just my vote.

  6. Milo has "won by a whisker"!
    As Basil Brush would say - boom boom! (Sorry, it had to be done....)
    Anyway, thanks for the lovely photos.
    With lots of cuddles from Judy in Cambridge