Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mule Racing

Ready for Mule Racing?  Who will be the victor in today's high stakes race, winner gets a carrot!

Hmmm what's this it looks like Roller is taking an early lead…. but his ears are too short, we may have an impostor!

He's off, there's no stopping this competitor, and look he does it with style!

But wait there appears to be a problem, oh dear this runner has decided it's too much hard work, he needs a lie down…

And roll!

Looks like Dragon Mule is taking the lead… she's passed Roller on the outside narrowly missing him.

And she's in to her stride, looks like a sure winner to us.

But wait!  What's this?  It looks like there's a late push from The Mini.

He's catching, watch those little legs go!

Oh No!  Disaster!  Dragon has taken a wrong turning and has been overtaken by The Mini, a terrible mistake on the part of the Dragon Mule!

The Mini looks like he's got this one sewn up!

Nothing quite says 'nah, nah, nah, nah, nah', like the whites of your eyes ;-)

But Dragon's gaining again!

One last burst of Mini speed needed!

And he's over the finish line and coasting, he's done it!

The crowd goes wild!  The first past the post poses for photos in the winner's paddock!

But wait, what's this?  It seems that Roller has woken up and thinks the race is still on…. come back here you pesky pony!

Oh dear, he missed the whole thing, he's a little miffed, he's going for gymnastics instead ;-)

Gosh that was fun, must be time for a rest now??

You'll be glad to know we all got a carrot, only winners in this gang :-) Have a lovely weekend friends!


  1. Wow! High speeds! Very impressive!
    It's lovely to see you having such fun and I love the commentary - perfect and very funny. Gave me a good laugh on a Sunday morning.
    With lots of cuddles and snuffles from Judy in Cambridge

  2. Oh what fun, So glad all were winners :) I'm thinking Roller has the right idea.

  3. How cute! I also like Roller's idea of a mid-race nap and roll!

  4. Ah, my beautiful competitors!. Each of you brings a personal style to the race. Roller darling always wise: not too much of anything!. Callie, princesa, I know that the "wrong" turn had nothing wrong in itself: we all need to admire each of your beauty angles!. Mini, sweet speedy fun!. Love your eyes shining in pure joy. Carroty prizes well earnt, mis amigos!

  5. Hilarious! Going to tell my gang they must get a shimmy on (lazy donkeys!)

  6. And a lovely, lovely post! What a view from their paddock!

  7. I was surely awaiting to see who the winner would be while holding my breath. How fun! Our girls were having races and kick ups during our last snow storm. Quite the sight.

  8. Like a streak of lightening flashing cross the sky......