Friday, 31 January 2014

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Birthdays!

Hip hip hooray it's a Granny birthday.... and an Aunty birthday!  You see our GH and her twin sister AY have a birthday today!

Aren't brithday's great? Cake and cuddles and lots of fun things to do!  Here's wishing our favourite GH and AY a lovely day.  Alas the rain has started here again so we will have to make our own sunshine for the big occasion.... ah well it's easy when you're as cute as me.

So I thought long and hard about what to get GH for her birthday.... would she like carrots (who doesn't?), maybe a new grooming brush, or possibly some glittery hoof shine (FH said definitely not), I thought I had the best idea when I suggested a mud pack treatment but apparently the ones that humans like are a bit different to us muleteers, maybe some tasty hay?  Hmmm it seems that every suggestion is just not quite there... but then it came to me!  What better present than some snuffles and some cute pictures of myself?  Granny can't help but smile when I strike some poses for her, after all what more do humans need for their birthdays than smiles?!

So Happy Birthday GH and AY!  Sending you slobbery snuffles, swishes of my tail and a whinny chorus :-) And just a little reminder...

Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!
Mark Twain


  1. Dearest Roller and all the gang, you certainly know how to make a birthday GH smile!
    But there again you all always make me smile,no matter the weather,whatever the day.
    FH tells me you are all being good, so Granny will have to bring you a nice edible reward when she next visits.
    Much love and cuddles to all the gang.xx

  2. Rolly darling, you all bring smiles always with so much beauty and loveliness. Adorable pictures!.

    Happy birthday GH and AY!

  3. That was the sweetest birthday post. I'm sure your Granny adored it big time. Happy Birthday to Your Granny and AY too

  4. I hope the Birthday Girls are having a wonderful day... and the pictures were perfect!

  5. Fantastic gift. What could be better than snuffles? You don't even have to lose any carrots brilliant.

  6. Love the quote! And of course "his cuteness" - what better gift?

  7. I love the photos and the quote!