Friday, 17 January 2014

Roller's Philosophical Friday: Truth

Greetings my Muleteer friends!  This week I have been listening to FH's grumblings about people who ignore the truth because it suits their politics or agenda.... hmmm weird human stuff.  But then I pricked my teeny tiny ears up and listened a bit more (as well as lending snuffles and soft nudges of encouragement) to the rant when FH mentioned badgers.  I like badgers, we have some friendly ones in our neigh-bourhood that we Muleteers like to watch at night.  They do us no harm.

So here in the UK the poor badgers are having a rough time, apparently they are being completely blamed for a disease in cattle called TB, hmmm now this isn't nice apparently and cattle and badgers can both get sick.... but it is a complicated story and badgers are not the only piece of the jigsaw puzzle, to blame them entirely sounds like it's nothing short of dishonest..... hmmm human logic again!  FH is a scientist and despairs of the bozos that seem to have been authorising people to kill our friendly badgers, all backed up by dishonest science and complete incompetency, our very own government department DEFRA..... finally they've had to admit they've messed it up AGAIN.... cue much more ranting from FH - Badger Bodges

Now we Muleteers have no time for politics or human logic, it's all weird but we are sad about our badger friends.  To base the cull of our friends on untruths is unforgivable.  So OK I listened hard to FH, my Roller brain is a little frazzled, I had to simplify things for my Friday thoughts. Who better to set us all straight than a very wise man indeed, Mahatma Gandhi.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mahatma Gandhi

Have a lovely weekend my friends and please always question that which others tell you is true......


  1. Surely if you say something often enough it does become the truth doesn't it? At least I know some humans who seem to think so **sigh**
    The Stallion is a scientist too. He despairs of the human race at times.
    Poor badgers.

    1. Indeed Zo, your Stallion is so right to despair.... 'sigh' is the right word! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  2. In Wisconsin we are quite proud of our Badgers, don't know if they are the same type at all. But the Magnificent Badger is our State Animal. The Badger 'Bucky Badger' is the mascot of our Univ College Team too.
    I do not believe anyone here hunts them because they are not easily found and defend their territories quite well.
    Signed, a Badger Lover...PS~~ Badger was also the name of my most precious mule in the whole wide world.
    Let's straighten these folks out!

    1. Definitely Val! These folks need to learn some Roller logic :-) Pretty sure our badgers are similar to yours and of course what more magnificent name for your precious mule, we still think of him, I sure he is riding with you always. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. My dearest Roller. I have been following from very close the abhorrent facts behind the cruelty inflicted upon the British Badger. I am for vaccination and am happy to see that several counties are implementing this humane, intelligent and preventive measure. The ideology behind the terrible cruelty of trapping, keeping them in freezing temperatures, maiming, shooting blindly and killing them goes beyond any comprehension.

    I applauded Brian May's campaign and Simon King's speech, we need capable individuals to stand for the innocent. At the height of the massive slaughter, I joined efforts with an English blogging friend and lobbied the UK government for scientific and humane alternatives. I featured in my blog the beautiful paintings on Badger by Cornish artist Jon Tremaine from the West Cornwall badger Group. See this beauty here, their spirit captured in all their splendour donning a forest mantle:

    Rolly dear, I join your heartfelt feelings towards these beautiful creatures, victims to ignorance and appalling ways. I read in dismay the article you mentioned. So sad it is that certain humans with neither heart, nor sound research in their hands, need a scapegoat to go on rampant killings :-(

    I loved your quote, truth ought to prevail and we need to work hard to reach it. So nice that can see your Badger friends around!.

    Love, cuddles and ear scratches to all along peace to the British Badger. ♥♥♥

    1. Dearest Carmen, our British Badger friends are so lucky to have others around the world battling their corner. We too are in favour of vaccination which holds promise for all species caught up in the terrible disease that is TB - the science is good as well! Too often humans see violence as the answer rather than reasoned logic and questioning. Let us hope that the work of these good people will not go without reward, we for one will always be a friendly field for our badger friends to cross, how can you not be impressed by these beautiful creatures!

      A happy weekend to you, we send snuffles, ear waves and neighbrays xxxx

  4. Darling Roller, FH is absolutely right. Poor badgers. I remember what an awful mess was made during the last big foot and mouth outbreak (don't read the next bit Roller) - thousands of animals were killed when there was no need for it - all on the basis of a miscalculation.
    Don't let the silly things that humans do upset you Roller.
    Hope that you all have a super weekend.
    With love from Judy in Cambridge

    1. Ah Judy you are just so right, an awful mess seems to be what some humans excel at.... Alas I am making the most of a weekend of fun and mischief ;-) I have been stealing hay and carrots - yum! Sending you carroty flavoured snuffles, hope you have a nice weekend xxx