Saturday, 4 January 2014

Yeehaa! Freedom!

Yeehaa Minis, let's run around!  It's been so desperately wet and windy that we've been hiding indoors.  So far 2014 has mostly brought rain and mud :-(  No matter how much FH has tried to lure me out of the Dragon's Den I've not been for moving.

But this morning I peeked out and there was no rain!  Yippee!  So I decided it was time to venture outdoors, hmmm FH why do I have to have this rug on?  Something to do with a ride tomorrow if the weather improves and not wanting a muddy mule..... hmmmm pigs might fly if you think it's going to be dry, the weather warnings are out for more heavy rain, I think I'll be hiding indoors again.

Anyway enough of that, time to go and roll around....

And kick up my heels!


Think I'll try my bronco mule moves, what do you think Roller?

Trying out the same moves are you Roller?

I'm gonna try for some dressage moves now... look mules can do collection of paces too.... although FH says I'm a little over bent?!  Pah, who cares!

OK done now, time for some food, would you care to move the fence now please?  If you do that I promise to stop making skid marks in the paddock..... at least for now anyway ;-)

Have a good weekend Muleteers, hope that all of our friends who are experiencing bad weather are staying safe, warm and dry.


  1. Wow Dragon those buck moves would shame even the rodeo horse stars !
    Glad FH wasn't aboard for that manuveur but we know you are very polite and would never do that with your human .
    Glad you all are out and about kicking up you heels a bit.
    We are prancing in snow here across the big pond and today our barn thermometer reads 1 degree !
    Sending love to you all,
    H.B. Extrordinare and Tink the Snow Pony :))

  2. You got the moves down girl. Looks soooo much fun just running, bucking and of course farting!

  3. Looks fun to me...all that running around must have felt SOOOO good :-)

  4. I know Meredith Hodges has mules and donkeys that have performed dressage movements. Mules are talented. I should post on my blog a link to some of the videos of my mules doing dances in the snow!
    Of course I would ride today, but we have to prepare for temps as low as -30 F not counting wind chills. That is -34C. Hurry hurry to get animals into the wooded valley and move heated water tanks.
    Elderly Opal will be in the machine shed for the duration.

  5. It is good to see you having fun. I have been wondering how you are as the weather reports suggest that things have been really bad in the west. There is supposed to be more rain on the way...stay safe, dry and warm.
    Thinking about our friends across the pond - hope that things don't get too bad for you.
    Cuddles from Judy in Cambridge

  6. How nice to see you enjoying the weather! It was -41 here for a couple of days in Montreal (with the windchill)....Brrrrr! :)

  7. My sweet Callie, princesa, how wonderful to see so much energy and joy --those kicks, prancing and rolls are fantastic!.. You are all adorable frolicking together. Loved the pictures, look at those faces!..Enjoy the outdoors as long as the skies allow :-)

    Warm cuddles and tickles from the cold and snow. ♥ ♥ ♥