Sunday, 23 February 2014

Five A Day…. The Messy Way!

Nom, nom, nom, slurp, slurp, can't talk now, I've been told not to talk with my mouth full!

It appears that it's the 'tidy the fruit bowl' out day in the house, excellent, plenty of fruity goodness just for me, mini mules need their five a day too you know :-)

This fruity goodness can be a little messy though you know?  Especially when there's pears involved….. very ripe, sloppy pears…. all the better!

And for the finale?! Well you just can't beat a good banana peel.  So good it is best enjoyed with your eyes squeezed tight shut.  

Wonder what's in this week's fruit bowl, mmmm maybe a tasty satsuma?  

Don't worry folks I did share with the others but they were a little slow off the mark and didn't gallop at full speed downhill to investigate the offering, hmmm FH did insist on saving them some, it seems there are runner's up prizes in this house!

Have a lovely week ahead folks and remember those five a day!


  1. You are the cutest of mini mules indeed.
    A little fruity today it seems ~ in the sweetest of ways of course ! lol
    Love your face making .
    Hugs to you all,

  2. Dear Monty - yummy! Good to see you enjoying your food and looking so handsome in the photos. Very kind of you to share the food with your friends.
    With lots of cuddles from Judy in Cambridge

  3. FH, I hope you are feeling very well these last few weeks... and you have no idea how your cheerful pictures help pick me up... especially when I miss my own pony and minis...

  4. Mini, my darling, you are so sweet and speedy. Love your pretty faces enjoying the snacks. Beautiful pictures!.

    Hugs and cuddles sprinkled with eau de banana :-).