Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunny Day = Smiley Dragon!

Oh Mother Nature the Dragon mule loves you!  You sent me a sunny day to give me some respite from the un-mulelike weather and I'm soooo happy!

In fact I couldn't hide my happiness by smiling wide and proud!

Ah that roll in the sunshine feels sooo good!

Oh yeah!  Even an itchy scratch of my Dragon ears :-)

There's always someone that tries to photobomb the shot though isn't there?

Hey you! I know you're making ears behind my head, trot off will you, this is my photo shoot .....

Oh for goodness sake Mini go on then have your picture taken if you really must, I'm too busy chilling anyway!

Let's hope for more nice weather for the week ahead - have a happy week everyone!


  1. Oh Dragon, that first picture is priceless, what lovely teeth you have.:)

    Thanks, I needed a laugh today.

  2. Nice to see the sun shining for you all ! :))))

  3. Those first two photos are the best photos ever!

  4. Dragon you are awesome xx

  5. Love to see you rolling in the sunshine, dear Callie. What a magnificent smile you have ♥ Mini darling, you are so glossy and fluffy, sweet eyes; Rolly bear, I know you are too busy pondering to pose for a picture :-). Enjoy the sun!.

    Kisses and cuddles to all.

  6. Oh what great photos! I never seem to have my camera ready ... we've had 3 BIG storms rolling through this past week - torrential rain, snow, wind - a bit of respite today before the next one, so I know exactly how you guys are feeling!

  7. What a gorgeous smile!
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the better weather.
    Cuddles from Judy in Cambridge

  8. The beautiful sunny sky, and a beautiful smile to boot!

  9. Loving the photo shoot, looking good xxx

  10. your posts ALWAYS make me smile!!!