Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mule's Gold Mining

We've always known it…. but now we're convinced!  You humans are obsessed with poo!  Well to be precise rotted manure.  This week has been exciting, we've had lots of visitors who have all arrived to mine in the muck heap.  This phenomenon occurs once a year and is most bizarre.

A procession of miners supervised by FH appeared to dig out what they describe as lovely organic horse manure, apparently the more rotten and black the better, weird we know!  We call it 'Mule's Gold' :-)

Dragon keeping an eye on the Mule's Gold Miners
We Muleteers have been working real hard all year to ensure there is a plentiful supply for these mad miners and have donated many tons of muleteer poor and soggy bedding.  No additives or preservatives go in to these 'donations' making them ideal for the discerning organic gardener apparently?!

Our heap - hard work all that donating!
So from far and wide them come, they appear mainly interested in filling bags and trailers with Mule's Gold but the occasional miner takes an interest in us and gives us a cursory pat or scratch, one even fetched some carrots (note to others this was much appreciated, we may charge this toll next year). There is a saying 'where there's muck there's brass' we'd prefer 'where there's muck there's carrots' if you don't mind?

Tonight saw our last intrepid miner before we close the mine shaft for another year…. FH was mumbling something about saving some for growing our pumpkins and courgettes (MH grumbled that he was SO looking forward to hundreds of courgette recipes over the summer - we know he doesn't mean it really ;-).

So I had a quick inspection to check that the miners had done a good job…. and I nearly got lost in the cavern they had dug!

It appears that the hole is big enough to lose at least six mini shetlands in, yikes that's a lot of manure, the humans reckon we have donated about 10 tonnes to our friendly miners!  Mmmm lots of yummy organic veg should come from that surely?  SHARE!

Alas all that thinking about food made me hungry so I took the opportunity to climb out of the pit and do some mining of my own, hmmm ok more like eating but somehow related?  And if a pony's to produce all that fine fertiliser it has to come from somewhere ;-)


  1. Very generous of you, muleteers! Nothing like a bit of black gold to get the plants growing. Now if you could just send a bit of Spring this way, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Beautiful photos, my favourite being the first one. Magnificent!

  3. It's that time of year. Mine has been going too. That's a very impressive pile you three have made. Maybe the gardeners will grow carrots, lots and lots of carrots.

  4. My darling Roller, ten tonnes!. What a wonderful and productive yield. Love it all-natural, wish I could have some for my garden :-) Of course, carrots for gold, no other way round!. Love the attentive Callie and your speleology expedition --impressive cave!.

    Love to you all, awaiting those wonderful personally-fertilised crops :-)