Sunday, 9 March 2014

Reasons to Be Cheerful!

What a lovely sunny weekend Muleteers!  We are so sun kissed and sleepy with few words to share but sometimes there's no need…. so here's what the weekend brought us to cheerful about!

Breakfast with the family!

Spring Flowers

A lovely view

Cuddles, scratches and conversation

Quiet Contemplation

Tasty Spring Morsels!

Blue Sky!


Cotton Wool Clouds

Beauty and an Audience!

We promise to write more soon, hope all our friends have had a nice weekend :-) 
Snuffles, neighbrays and ear waves xxx


  1. Wow on the shots ~ great ones .
    I love the far pasture where you can see down into the whole village,
    from the lovely countryside !
    You all look so happy with the bright blue skies over head :))

  2. I love these photos and post. One thing is for certain, your post has definitely cheered me. :)

  3. It is wonderful to see some spring! Lovely photos :)

  4. Flowers!!! Snowing here in New England this morning, but the birds are singing. Spring WILL come!

  5. So much beauty and wisdom, my friends. Lovely moments and views!. All sorts of ear lengths shine with inner glow, your coats are lustrous and, ah, sweet little Queen, it had been long since I saw you last, regal profile and amazing eyes.

    How nice that you already have blooms and delectable morsels. Still snowing today here ... so I can continue to send you all plenty of warm earwaves in my Rollerhat :-) A special chin tickle to the littlest of all.

    Be well and enjoy your sunny siestas ♥

  6. Such beautiful shots! Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Hasn't it been lovely? Surely it can't last.......

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous view of things! Oh how I'd love to see some green again! Snow-mud or snud here for a while yet.

    Love it!