Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring Shots

We're so pleased that it sounds like Spring has arrived for our friends around the world - phew!  We all really needed it!  Today is wet and dismal here so we thought we'd remind ourselves that lurking underneath the rain are the true signs of Spring here at Muleteer HQ! Here are a few of our favourite shots of Spring from this week :-)

Our neighbours are back with their Spring Lambys!

The jackdaws are busy building their nests

They have been busily carrying away bits of Roller fur, straw, grass and mud for their nests…. we're happy to donate!

We're all busy moulting out our coats…. and looking a little moth eaten!

Roller is busy…. Rolling!  He likes a good roll in the mud to dislodge some of his copious fluff at this time of year.  It feels SO GOOD!

The plants are busy growing and blooming, mmmm tasty!

And FH has been busy seeding and feeding our paddocks with pony safe fertiliser, she says we've done a fairly good job of trashing it over the winter so it needs some help.  Anyway she needs the exercise if you know what we mean ;-)

We're all looking forward to the next days of Spring soon.  At the moment we're sheltering inside as it's raining and horrible, our poor Puppy friend had to have a hoperation yesterday on his wounded leg so we hope he's well soon - poor Milo, he is rather accident prone, alas the sight of the rain outside is stopping him from going stir crazy, some small comfort!

Have a lovely weekend, hope Spring is visiting you :-)


  1. FH looks like she is doing a wonderful job with fertilizer and exercise .
    Tink and H.B. are going through moth eaten stage at the moment too ~ yesterday we brushed out what seemed like several extra ponies hiding beneath their fur . lol
    Sending well wishes for puppy !

  2. No spring yet SIGH. Definitly no cute lambies!!! Lotsa fluff coming out however

  3. Spring is here. Grass ... remember that green stuff? is growing like crazy. And of course the salad bar is now open for business. I like salad.
    Hope your rain stops soon, without it though your grass wouldn't grow and we wouldn't want that to happen would we.
    Poor pupster he does seem to like getting into pickles.

  4. I absolutely love this series of photos!!!

  5. Roller is seriously the cutest!
    And the lambys are so cute too! We have some down the street and I am waiting for the llama babies to come. We have a little bit of sun and warmer weather, but it is not quite springy here.

  6. Oh No poor Milo!!! must have been bad to need an hope he is okay. Give him a hug from me.

  7. We're in that "lurking Spring" pattern too - it has definitely arrived but teasing us with chilly, showery days too.
    Big bouquet of daffodils on the table though! Hugs to the gang, especially Milo. Great photo of the
    3 equine. Oh - BTW- what is pony-safe fertilizer?

    x0x0x from BC!

  8. How adorable all of you!. The little lamb is so sweet, the flowers are beautiful and your lovely selves melt my heart --such a great portrait of the trio!. It is so nice when the birds take something ours for their nests, could not be softer than muleteer hair. FH looks wonderful and Rolly darling is divine!.

    Milo, sweet puppy, a hoperation does not sound good, special hugs and scratches to you. Heal soon!.

    Cuddles and earwaves from my snowy garden.