Monday, 21 April 2014

The Whale and The Wheelbarrow….

Spotted! Somewhere in the Devon countryside…. a whale like creature (possibly a mammal but a long way from its natural sea environment)…..

And what's this we see?  The Whale knows how to operate a wheelbarrow?  

Oh oops, wait a minute folks.  It appears that the Whale is in fact FH….. and she's giving us the exasperated look….. and she's muttering about emptying our stinky beds ready for the Spring.

Dragon, quick, act nonchalant and like you haven't noticed.  Otherwise you might end up having to carry the whale!  Yep that's right, nothing to see here.

What's that about us being extremely rude mules FH?  We're sure you taught us all the cheekiness we know……

Hmmm FH beware you look like you might pop?  Actually we heard that you might want that? Any minute now maybe?  Hurry up Human Foal, we're all getting impatient!  We know you are not due for 2 weeks but us Muleteers can hope can't we?


  1. We just think FH looks ever so cute ~ in her soon to be foaling ~ suit ! :)))
    We are very excited here at Whimsy Willows farm for your big event !

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Two weeks and you are MUCKING OUT THE BARN!!!! That baby is going to be born with a scoop in his hand!

  3. That last two weeks is torture! Don't you wish there were a little window you could look through to SEE the little foal?

  4. FH - you look fantastic! All that stuff about glowing is obviously true!
    Very happy and exciting days....
    With very best wishes to FH and cuddles to the whole gang from Judy in Cambridge

  5. You do look very well... ummm don't know how to break the news to you...but keep it inside as long as possible as they are really hard work once they escape...;-) I recommend at least 2 weeks overdue and as much rest as you can get in between with the sound of peace and quiet lol

  6. Beautiful and radiant FH!. Love your sense of humour, mis amigos. Rest well as very active times are arriving :-)

  7. FH you look lovely in your pre-foaling days.