Saturday, 17 May 2014

Everyone's At It!

So as if it's not enough the the humans are having foals it seems that some of our neighbourly Blue Tits are also busy with their foals right next to our bedrooms, no wonder there's been a lot of tweeting to disturb our sleep....

Always busy, busy, busy!

Flitting here and there, busy with caterpillars and worms they are a blur of blue and yellow, blink and you'll miss them.... especially if you blink as slowly as Roller.... but then why rush?!

We haven't met the new Blue Tit Foals yet - come on birdies, Human Foal came to say hi the day after she arrived, my tiny hooves are tapping!  In the meantime I really must talk to FH about doing some housework for these guys, their cobweb issues are appalling!


  1. Great action shots !!
    Glad all the babies are blooming in your neck of the woods .
    Best wishes to the little one that doesn't sleep in the stable ( but will probably want to a time or two as they grow :)))

  2. I love the blue tits in flight. I suppose they will be Flying Foals when they eventually come out of the nest!

  3. May is the best time to be born! As Lara grows up, she'll love watching the blue tits nesting and flitting and the greening of the countryside and baby birds and bunnies.

  4. Adorable!. How lovely to have them use the nest boxes, I am sure they are cushioned with silky Roller hair :-) Great snaps!.