Monday, 12 May 2014

Human Foal Has Arrived!

My Little Human has arrived!
Finally!  Our Human Foal has arrived and it's fallen to me The Mini to introduce her :-)

Can you believe who came to visit me this morning?! It was My Little Human!

Human Foal decided to grace us with her presence on Saturday 10th May at 2.03am (hmmm early riser are we?) at a decent mini mule sized 7lb 15oz.

We have decided to name her Lara Imogen Patience, of course us Muleteers had first approval of names and have been sounding board extraordinaire over the last few months of choosing.... we particularly like Patience as it's what us long ears are good at teaching you humans ;-)

FH, MH and our new playmate are all doing fabulously and all is well.  Our little Human Foal came out to see us earlier, and here are some pics (sorry there are rather a lot but what better excuse?!)

Who is this?! 

We knew she'd arrived!

First approval belongs to The Mini!

Dragon approves HF's ears... although there may be an extra set?!
Diesel checks out HF with The Mini keeping a close watch
The Mini stakes his claim

The Mini has something to say to 'My Little Human'...



 Would you like a ride?!

OK, maybe a little too soon but a quick lie across my back with FH is good enough for now!

Her ears are a little on the small side but heyho ears aside we love her still and Roller is pleased that he isn't the only one with weeny ears ;-)

Roller in his inimitable fashion stayed focussed on.... eating and promises to appear for foal snuffles later, secretly I think he is devolving HF duty to me - yippee! I, The Mini do hereby stake my claim to this Human Foal and promise to teach her all I know.... especially mischief!

Spot the baby?!
MH also made sure that he and My Human Foal inspected some of her future duties like filling haynets, inspecting the hedgerow for yummy cow parsley and stomping in mud.  Well done MH, always good to start them young...

Haynet duty.... 

Get used to mud HF, there's plenty here in your new kingdom 
Just behind you is the Cow Parsley little one, yummy to eat :-)
So dearest little Lara we can't wait to play with you, snuffle you, get you muddy, carry you, teach you the best muleteer fun tricks in the world and be your bestest friends.

Love Always,
Your Muleteer Brothers and Sisters xxx x xx


  1. Hooray!! a day earlier than I guessed, but in time for our Mother's Day. Congratulations to you all - I love her name!!!

  2. Wonderful news! You all look so happy. Written in haste as I am on a train from Edinburgh and the signal is cutting out. Lots of love from Judy in Cambridge

  3. So precious!! Congrats, she is beautiful!

  4. What a cutie! A Badminton Baby ;-) I can't believe you managed to blog,hope you are ok, so looking forward to the new chapter's :-) love to you all xxx

  5. Little Lara is already off to a great start, I am so happy for all of you. Congratulations to all of you!

  6. Dearest Lara, you are simply beautiful!! You have the most wonderful extended family. Thanks to Mum & Dad for sending pics so promptly. Warmest congratulations to a Very Special Family. Lots of love from Susan, Cambridge

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Lara is beautiful. ♥♥♥

  8. Congratulations from us all at Chamfron Stud :-)

  9. Congratulations from all of us at Petnanny and Caroline Howlett Animal Artist

  10. Congratulations to you all.... Lara is truly a beautiful baby .. As beautiful as the family she is blessed to have joined . With love from Ruby , Woody , Daisy & Dylan. Xxxxxx

  11. Beautiful little muletera!. Congratulations, mis queridos amigos, you all look radiant!. Love her extra furry ears!. Lovely names, especially Patience in a mulettisima fashion. Great pictures, brought a teary eye :-)

    Many hugs to all, you look fantastic, FH.

  12. Well done FH you grew a fine foal there. I love her name. She has so much to learn and several willing helpers to teach her. Mini you seem to have found your special calling.
    Keep the photos coming muleteers please xx

  13. Congratulations! Such a beautiful baby. So pleased it all went well for you and that the Long Eared Ones approve :-)

  14. Congratulations, what a beautiful FH! I'm sure there will be a few more pictures for us to admire as FH progresses in all aspects of her muleteer training.
    Everyone looks so lovely and happy!

  15. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness ~
    Congratulations from all of us here at Whimsy Willows farm .
    What a beautiful introduction to the world !!!

  16. (came back and looked for long at the pictures ...) Such a wonderful world for little Lara, sprinkled wit eau de pensive pony, tickled by whiskers and snuffled all around. Checking the royal HQ and engaging in a conversation with the knights and queens, both constellations Crux at the tip of her fingers, bushels of mulegold for the Princesa Muletera.

    I love the tender snuffles and the knowing eyes, so much being whispered and shared. What a great beginning ♥ ♥ ♥

  17. Congrats to you all !!!!
    many, many, many years of fun ahead for you all, xx

  18. Where have I BEEN the last two days???? Congratulations and best wishes on your beautiful little daughter! She is such a doll... and you both look so over-the-top happy! I'm glad she got to meet the rest of the family!