Thursday, 22 May 2014

Never Too Early....

Hey there HF, have you come to learn some of the work that goes on here?  It's never too early to learn!

What's that?  You don't like the sound of work, it's too early to start?  Don't be silly HF, it's never too early to teach you how to muck out.....

No, no, no don't scream

There, there, oh yikes!  Screaming baby, what to do?!  Roller, come quick, I need your help....

Dumdedum.... errm, what is that?!

So this is what they've all been going on about?  Well it looks like a human in miniature, how nice!

Don't scream little human, it's nice here, and don't listen to that Dragon about work.... she's always talking about work.  Some of us like to take life a little easier....

You stick with me and adopt the Zen of Roller and you'll do just fine.  Leave the big humans and mules to the work, us minis are here to look good and take life at our own pace.... if in doubt have a little nap.  That's it!

I think I've got this babysitting thing sorted don't you?

Besides which those tools are way too big, if I were you HF I'd sneak a nap while FH does the work, she's used to it after all ;-)

A good nap was had by us sensible ones.... miraculously the stables were clean when we awoke!


  1. Sensible indeed! Minis are just examples of perfection, not intended for hard labour - lol! (at least that what my donks tell me!)

  2. These sweet photos have made my day!

  3. GH has had a v busy at work.BUT The Muleteers and HF came riding to the rescue!!! Now I have a great big happy smile and all is now right with the world.
    Keep on being good for FH.No getting up to mischief just yet.
    Sending good wishes and love to all of you that put comments on the blog,I always enjoy reading about you all.GH

  4. Well done Roller what would they do without you. Don't worry Dragon human foals soon WANT to help whether you want them to or not. Takes three times as long when they "help". Might be a few months away yet though.

  5. Ahahhhaa ~ You tell her Roller that's the way :)))))
    Super sitter ~ you can add that to your resume now !

  6. So much wisdom from all ear lengths: the perfect combination of duty and contemplation. Love your sweet eyes, reina Callie and your adorable muzzle, darling Roller,

  7. Roller will have her trained up properly in no time.

    Everyone is looking beautiful, I am so happy for all of you.

  8. Roller is obviously going to teach your little beauty many things. You have no idea how much she can learn even at this early stage!
    Thank you Roller for teaching patience and relaxation!

  9. Oh my goodness... Roller IS having a good influence on the human foal, isn't he?