Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sunny Happy Baby

Spring has definitely arrived at Muleteer HQ… it has taken the form of a certain little lady Human Foal.    This Sunny Happy Baby has brought the most delightful of weather to us all, we think we'll keep her ;-)

HF has been busy checking out her kingdom, we're pleased to see that she has ensured plenty of blossom on the apple tree so that us Muleteers will have a plentiful bounty of snacks in the Autumn….

She has brought Dragon blue skies for sunbathing in and showing off those mulificent ears against!  Dragon is VERY happy with her new charge and is insisting on greeting HF with happy mule chuckles whenever she appears… Dragon it may be a while until she's up to riding you!

And of course not to be left out the canine furries are enjoying their new charge too and guarding her well….. hmmm Milo is the guardian of the hand lick and nappy snuffle (ick!) 

Murph is wondering what next?!  He has just finished bringing up the puppy to some form of adulthood (yeah right….) and now his has a new charge to pull on his ears and guard, no one is getting past this saggy Cloth Dog.  Oh well the life of a labrador is hard but he has broad shoulders and life is good :-)

Our humans would like us to thank you all for your lovely comments and wishes, they are very happy to share their new addition with you all, sorry for not replying to everyone individually - normal service will resume in a little while!  In the meantime sending you all a wish for a slice of our happiness, we're off to sing some nursery rhymes..... we're pretty good at Old MacDonald's Farm in this house!

And as for Human Foal?  Well it's all a little tiring so she's off for a nap.....

Sweet Dreams xxxx


  1. Your Human Foal is just beautiful!

    Enjoy these lovely days with her. She`s a lucky baby to have such a good family of two and four legged ones :-)

  2. What a beauty she is! I wish I slept like that.

  3. Such a beautiful glow in all of you. Dear Murph, you have ongoing babysitting duties!. Sweet Milo, I know that your handsome beard will bring many a giggle :-) Callie, mi reina, I love how you look at your little princesa. Sunshine has definitely arrived!. Thank you for sharing these special moments with us ♥

  4. Sunny happy baby is right... you all look so lovely.. and the picture of serene happiness. May it be EVER thus!

  5. Oh she is beautiful!! Congratulations!

  6. Such a pretty foal. I suspect you are all going to be a bit busy for a while. She is such a lucky girl to have such a big family all watching out for her. Let the fun begin xx

  7. Many many congratulations on your new arrival. All of us at Little Brambles are delighted for you all. She is going to have such adventures with her furry pals, especially the delightful Diesel. Much love to you all x x x