Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Teaching Her All We Know...

The perfect way to spend a day...
Phew it's been a bit busy!

We've been busily teaching HF all we know about life here at Muleteer HQ.  HF is just the most brilliant pupil (we think she might be a secret mule, her ears are in disguise), she is learning quickly and we enjoy our daily lessons with her, we chat while FH does the clean up duty.

So we've been teaching HF about the essentials in life...


Oh yes this is the important one HF.  Food is to be enjoyed in abundance.  As we understand HF is neighbraying for more food on a regular basis and can't get enough, well she is a growing girl isn't she?  Hopefully not growing too much though as we want her to stay small enough to ride us minis for a while yet!


HF has adopted Roller's art of sleeping and is very good at this skill.  She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps some more, she's not fussy where she sleeps either, although limpet attached to a human seems to be a favourite, I wonder what the humans would think to having a limpet mini mule asleep on their chests??

Windy Pops!

Oops, this is something that The Mini has been discussing with HF, he is the King of windy pops and appears to have explained the skill well to HF.  People stand back in amazement at the decibels of disgrace issued by the cute little HF.... she's mini mule trained you know ;-)


Hmmm ok in a similar vain we've taught HF about the joys of liberally spreading poop everywhere.... Dragon has been trying to teach HF about being tidy, nah, us minis have persuaded her that liberal quantities and spreading are best!

Looking Cute

Oh yeah we muleteers have this one off perfectly and it seems our foal has mastered the art too, wait a go baby, this ensures excellent service from the big humans :-)

How could the humans resist us cuties?!


Well Dragon has been trying to extol the benefits of work to HF but it would seem that HF is not keen on doing 'mule work' and has decided that she will be the one hitching rides on the big humans for the moment…. we like the look of that carrier thing, do they make a mini mule sized one?  What do you mean I'm too heavy?!  The good thing is that FH can tend to our needs (hehe muck out) whilst carrying HF, teaching them young is good and ermmm well it's good exercise for FH!

Diesel has been trying her own version of the cling-on.... no one told her that clinging to FH's foot is not quite the same thing?!

And Finally…..

We Muleteers see our duty in life is to make people happy!  It would seem that HF has also adopted a similar motto, she is such a good HF we almost forget she is a human…. maybe it's because we taught her all we know? Yep we're taking full credit!

We can hear the summoning neighbray of HF, it is suspiciously like lunchtime... actually every hour is lunchtime in HF's world (girl off to our own heart!) so we better go tend to her.  FH! Come quick!


  1. You have been busy in such a lovely way! I just love the look of wonder in photo #5! Gorgeous photos. :)

  2. Baby girl, you are off to such a good start! Watch your mail box, FH! hugs from the west coast ...

  3. She is a keeper or sure :) And so cute, to boot!
    Glad that she has a mini herd to teach her the ropes. . .and a great mom!

  4. Oh what a cutie! I can't wait to have my 4 grand children here for a week of fun. From ages of 10 months to 10 yrs old.
    You all look so very happy!

  5. HF is SUCH A LITTLE DOLL!!!!! Who is laying to the left of Roller and Mini in the dark barn picture? You can just see eyes in the dark!

  6. So pleased HF is doing well. Tell her she is doing an excellent job keeping the Muleteers under control :-)

  7. A perfect little Muletera. With such prominent masters, no wonder that all skills are being learnt and put into practice to the very detail :-)

    Adorable you all, mis amigos.

  8. Dear All, Thanks for the latest pics and the ones from last Thursday are wonderful, too. What a gorgeous family! FH you look blooming with health and happiness which is a joy to see. Tell Roller that we miss his words of wisdom arriving in our inbox-es on Friday's but we understand he is busy supervising operations etc. Cuddles to all. Susan from Cambridge. xxx

  9. The sweetest of times and teachings ~
    You are all doing such a grand job together One big happy family .
    How lucky little HF is to have you all to teach her ~ indeed !

  10. What a cute wee foal you have there. She is sure to learn quickly from you all. Sounds like she has got the big humans trained to see to her every need already, well done young HF.