Thursday, 3 July 2014

Catching Up!

Wow it’s been busy here over the last few weeks…. 

Our Human Foal is now nearly 8 weeks old and it has passed in a blur.  We’re sorry for our absence and for not checking in on our friend’s blogs as often as we’d like to.  Our hooves and paws have been a little busy with caring for the HF, but we know you all understand J

Despite our blog absence life has continued in a new normality here at Muleteer HQ!  We’ve all been getting in to raising our new foal in our own special ways.

Dragon and The Mini are always on inspection duty, they absolutely love HF.  Dragon has totally found her maternal instinct!

Both of the long ears like to make sure the humans are doing a good job of looking after HF and making sure that their tack fits securely (their saddle / harness thing looks a little weird?), they are both most keen to know when they get to carry HF?

In the meantime Dragon has been having some lovely rides out with Smiley Human and hopes that FH might manage a little ride soon? She is also looking mighty fine in her beautiful summer coat - there is not much finer thing to behold than Dragon at this time of year!

The Mini has been fighting the battle against the bugs with his suit of armour, he is winning most days and staying itch free J

Roller is still trying to shed out his winter fluff and looks a little ‘preloved’ with his patchy coat.  Nevermind, he’s still the most handsome pony in the neigh-bourhood (not that we’re biased!).  He is, as always, very helpful and insists on assisting the girls with the poo picking, FH says he and HF are SOOO helpful….

Diesel is on fine huntress form and appears to have decimated the local baby bunny population despite them often being the same size as her…. Sad but at least she does eat them and dispatches them quickly!

The canine companions are going greyer by the day.  Milo is continuing to grow a magnificent woolly coat, it seems no one told him it is the summer?  Heyho he seems not to be bothered! 

Murph is going greyer with his added responsibility, he is now guardian of an extra family member and takes his pram guard duty extremely seriously.  It’s a good job his labrador shoulders are broad!

And the humans?  Well they are a little on the tired side but loving having their extra smiley member of the family!  MH has taken on much of the mucking out duties for which we are all very grateful (don’t tell FH but his bed making is superior to hers and he’s much more generous with the hay and cat treats but a little stingy with the grass).  

FH is spending much of her time feeding, washing, playing and on poo patrol.... and yes that's for all of us Muleteers not just HF.  The Mini is kindly supplying FH with dirty fly rugs galore to make sure she doesn't forget how to handwash clothes, FH finds herself regularly wondering how mothers used to cope with washing nappies by hand?!  The Mini thought she'd like a little insight... ;-)

And finally…. HF!  She is smiling, gurgling and entertaining us all.  Her very favourite thing is being outside in her baby carrier or pram, her best entertainment is nature’s mobile – also known as looking at the leaves blowing in the trees and the cotton candy clouds, guaranteed to take away any baby cries!

We’ve also noticed that she knows the special sounds of her dogs barking, mules neighbraying and Roller whinnying, these noises bother her not one bit but she is always alarmed by strange dogs barking or other odd noises, shouldn’t be any surprise though we’ve all been getting to know each other for many months now one way or another…. it seems like a lifetime ago that this picture was taken!

Hoping all of our friends are happy and healthy, we promise to be back again very soon J


  1. I was just thinking of all the Muleteers, wondering how you are doing and, viola, here you are looking great! I am so glad to hear that all is well. This must be a fabulous, but huge adjustment for all of you. I know you will come to treasure these sleep deprived days - even if it does take a while:) That little HF is a real beauty, such a sweet smile and lovely, bright eyes. Three cheers for the Muleteers!:)

  2. She is so pretty!! Glad everyone is enjoying themselves :)

  3. Oh so happy to hear from you I know that a new little human really takes up some time, but obviously she is well loved!

    I bet FH can't wait to ride again also!
    I know that I've gone over 2 weeks without and I am having withdrawals.

  4. You all shine in the Muleteers kingdom. Glad to see you again, my dear queens, princes and princesas!. Gleaming Cruz del Sur, my Muletta hermosa!.

  5. I guessed that you were all busy with the new foal. Human foals are amazing, just how much work one teeny human foal can make for everyone is out of this world. She is just beautiful as of course she had to be to fit in with everyone else at muleteer HQ.
    So you've all settled nicely into your special roles. Exciting days ahead for you all. Hope the weather stays fine for you all xx

  6. Lovely to hear from you. Glad that things are going well.
    Cuddles to everyone
    Judy in Cambridge

  7. It's GH here and to all THE Muleteers very special 'bloggers/followers' out there. I know your continued love and support means alot to FH and MH. They have had challenging times and alot of sleep deprivation but the rewards are great!!! HF doing well and her smile is worth millions,The Muleteers and all her gang will have so much fun when she's growing up.What or who will be her first word or favourite, Will it be Murph or Monty? We will have to wait.Lots of love to all out there.GH.xx

  8. That is the most beautiful picture of the HF! And picture in the recliner, with the protecting dogs sleeping... priceless!
    The equines all look in fine fettle, and you guys just worry about you and that beautiful little girl!

  9. Glad to hear you are hanging in there! I remember those days, can,t believe my own foal is now 11 yrs. Make the most of the scrumdidly moments it will feel like forever but fly by in a flash. Sending lots of love to you all to stir into the pot xxx

  10. Lovely to hear from you all .. Missed you very much. But you all look beautifully well and happy especially the adorable new hf . Enjoy the sunshine , enjoy the special time together that a new foal brings xxx love from Ruby , woody , daisy & Dylan xxx

  11. We have missed you too ~ the sweetest of baby human foals we see in that beautiful smiling face ~ ADORABLE for certain.

  12. FH! Great to read your post! I've been missing those regular Friday entries but knowing you have your hooves full indeed!
    Thinking of you all and sending best wishes from you four donkey friends here on the west coast of Canada!

  13. Hugs to a beautiful happy family :0),