Saturday, 25 October 2014

Back In The Saddle!

Finally!  It's over a year since FH placed her foot in my stirrup and climbed onboard.... that was until today.  I have been trying my best to encourage FH on board but she's been busy.... one thing us
mules are good at though is patience so I figured I could wait a little longer.  Me and Smiley Human have been going out and about together but it's always nice to have two riders, not that I'm greedy or anything ;-)

So this morning FH appeared with saddle in hand, I was a good muletta having all my straps done up (I'm extra good these days as FH sometimes has the Baby One attached to her so I have to be very careful).  And I waited, ears pricked and wondered where Smiley Human was...... and I waited..... but then FH said WE were going out together.

FH was a little twitchy, she was wondering if she'd forgotten how to ride in all that time? What if she had lost her balance (hehe...) We had a little walk first and then it was time, FH gingerly placed a foot in the stirrup (I stood VERY still like a good muletta) and hoisted on board and we were off :-)

FH is a kilo or two heavier than before (we'll soon get that off her) but all the gear fitted and she sat onboard like she'd never been away.  She sat quietly and chattered away to me, mostly about my mulificent ears, I could tell she was a little on edge but that was fine cos I am brave enough for both of us.  FH soon relaxed and we were off climbing steep tracks and looking at the lovely Autumn views. I could tell FH was beaming away behind me, I was very proud, we call it her 'riding face' :-)

We didn't go far but that's fine, there is plenty more time for longer rides.  A wonderful time was had by us both, it was pretty nice to have FH back in the saddle!


  1. I missed you!. Good to be on a ride with Reina Callie. Ear scratches to all.

    1. Dear FH, allow me to share this as it concerns farm animal welfare in the Somerton area near Castle Cary, as seen by a blogger friend from a train ride. The more people know about this, the better chance these creatures get help. Thank you my dear friends.

  2. Hi Dragon, good to see you back again and with FH back in the saddle!....look after them all won't you, they have a little version that will grow up and want to ride you.

  3. Awesome, that had to feel good for you both.

  4. Lovely to hear from you Dragon. It must be wonderful for you and FH to be out on the moor again and in such lovely autumn weather.
    Your ears are looking good in the photos!
    With lots of strokes from Judy in Cambridge

  5. So glad to hear from you, I've been wondering how things have been for you. Great to see you back in the saddle!

  6. Fantastic. Your amazing ears are enough to calm anyone. Well done FH. These humans are such nervous creatures aren't they? How is the wee one doing?

  7. Congrats FH for being back in the saddle !
    Oh yes we know that beaming "riding face" glad to hear your using yours :)

  8. Good to see you remember how it all works. Well done Rich for looking after the ranch! Cheers All

  9. Callie, I am so glad for you, AND for your Female Human! YAYYYYY!

  10. So glad you both had fun and some time together, riding is scary after having a baby but gets easier each time. X

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  12. Stopping by today to wish you Happy Holidays .
    From our farm to yours .
    With Love,
    Willow and the gand

  13. Hi. I am imagining a journey with a mule after working with one in the Alps in October. But I know next to nothing about any kind of equine. I need to gain some mule experience and would love to hear from you. Miles