Monday, 28 April 2014

Masters of Distraction....

We Muleteers are carrying out the important job of distraction at the moment.... the humans are awaiting our new Human Foal and, well, it is a long wait!  So we have been doing what we do best, providing cuteness, entertainment, laughs and plenty of distraction in all the ways we know how.....

We're always happy to lend a listening ear... some rather larger than others!

Every opportunity for itchy scratchy, of course we didn't enjoy this at all!

Lots of grooming time for the Roller Polar who is looking a little moth eaten!

 Sun kissed cuteness, who can resist these big brown eyes and mulificent ears?

Doggy dynamos!

And a guardian Angel that won't leave his mistress' side.... he definitely knows something's up! No wonder he's going grey having FH to look after.

Some of us are taking the distraction tactics less seriously than others and are rather resting on the job...

But then raised their game from the sublime to the ridiculous.... she did get down safely after climbing on the roof again!

 And when all this waiting gets too tiring Dragon is always happy to lend her back as a leaning post!

We think FH might be dreaming of being able to ride again soon.....

Whenever distraction is required we'll certainly be available!  Wishing you all a happy week ahead :-)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Love Knows No Size!

Love is in the air at Muleteer HQ!  It would seem that a certain Dragon lady is feeling frisky… and itchy and has decided that I, The Mini am her beau of the moment.   Well I may be small in stature but I am ever willing to dole out the love to my 'big bird' as I affectionately call her…. (for my non-UK friends a 'bird' is a tongue in cheek term for a lady friend!)

Don't worry my friends, she may look like she's eating me with those monster teeth but we're actually giving each other a mule style massage, so nice at this time of year when you're all itchy and scratchy, it does wonders for the complexion!

Uh oh it looks like we've been rumbled, ok, ok FH yes I still love you too and I know I'm cheating just a little but Dragon does give a firmer massage than you! Although I have to say it would be nice if Dragon learnt to stand down the slope not up it, when you're vertically challenged you need all the help to reach you can get :-(

There's only one thing when you're this small, the view from below can sometimes be a little odd, I seem to see a lot of the underside of Dragon's chin… at least it's a pretty chin ;-)

Monday, 21 April 2014

The Whale and The Wheelbarrow….

Spotted! Somewhere in the Devon countryside…. a whale like creature (possibly a mammal but a long way from its natural sea environment)…..

And what's this we see?  The Whale knows how to operate a wheelbarrow?  

Oh oops, wait a minute folks.  It appears that the Whale is in fact FH….. and she's giving us the exasperated look….. and she's muttering about emptying our stinky beds ready for the Spring.

Dragon, quick, act nonchalant and like you haven't noticed.  Otherwise you might end up having to carry the whale!  Yep that's right, nothing to see here.

What's that about us being extremely rude mules FH?  We're sure you taught us all the cheekiness we know……

Hmmm FH beware you look like you might pop?  Actually we heard that you might want that? Any minute now maybe?  Hurry up Human Foal, we're all getting impatient!  We know you are not due for 2 weeks but us Muleteers can hope can't we?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Orange Loving Mules!

Squawky, neighbrays, eeyore-whinny….. ermm FH come here with that orange will you!  

Mules love oranges!
We like oranges - A LOT! Well actually I like the sweet juicy inside bit and The Mini likes the sour outside peel, well of course that's the right way round girls and sweet and boys sour?!

No, no, no, not the peel, it's not what I want!

That's better the sweet juicy bit, hmmm must try to miss the fingers, best not bite the hand that feeds me...

Hang on a minute, I didn't think sharing was on the agenda, The Mini is after my orangey goodness

So do mini mules, hmmm!

And so it seems is FH.  Disgraceful behaviour! There's no point trying to hide the fact that you've just eaten most of my orange FH. Bashful you many look, indeed!

What do you mean it's all gone!  Just one job left to do, slurp, slurp lick those sticky fingers clean. Mmmm, mmmm, gently does it but oh it tastes nice :-)

Pretty orange mule highlights

I've got to say I rather like these orangey things, and don't you think it has brought out the carroty highlights in my nose?  I'm starting to shed my wintery fluff, the humans say I'm looking more like a pretty princess than a prehistoric pony? I think there's a compliment in there somewhere?

Have a squawking good weekend friends!

Dragon xxx

p.s. FH says we have to tell you that this is a real treat and not something we're allowed regularly…. boohoo!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Greetings Muleteers!  Roller here, apologies for my little absence, I have been busy with my nose in the foal care handbook making sure I'm ready for what's about to happen…. I've been reading up on how to parent the Human Foal and making sure that I know how to keep it happy, I vote for snuffles :-)

FH is portly and fit to burst, some might say she is looking more like a rotund Shetland by the day (not this shetland I hasten to add)! Only another 3 weeks max and then I will have my little rider to play with, I can't wait!

Although there have been some disadvantages of FH being rotund like less walks and us having to pick our feet up higher there are others that are not so bad ;-)  Soon FH will be on Foal Watch leave from work which will mean we see her here at home even more than usual… and then there's this thing called 'nesting'.  Well all the baby books say that in foal mares nest and like to clean the house and wash the foal clothes and such things….. hmmm well in FH's odd fashion this has not rubbed off on the human quarters but does seem to be taking place here in our mini stable!  Oh yes, the biggest fluffiest bed did arrive fit for some mini kings (and queens!).

It was only fair that me and Catanian got down to some nesting of our own and tested it out wasn't it?  This foal watch thing is exhausting!  I'm off for another nap

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Under The Cone

Greetings Puppeteers!  Something very strange has happened, I have found myself 'Under the Cone' and am picking up some very odd transmissions.....

There I was minding my own business speeding around in my puptastic way when oops I collided with something.  A mere graze I thought but then it started to hurt a lot and my humans got all worried and looked in dismay at the big hole over my front fetlock - oops!

Off to see the nice doggy doctor who's soft on me, lots of wagging and licking but ouch that hurts!  Well that was it she gave me some puppy gas and I went in to alternate universe, when I woke up I was picking up the most peculiar signals... I think it has something to do with my cone?  I also had a nicely stitched up leg with no gaping hole - convenient!

Ground Control to Major Cone....

Ground Control to Major Cone.....

Take your doggy treats and put your helmet on!

Can you hear me Major Cone?

Errrm oh sorry Cloth Dog I got some strange interference there.... something was trying to communicate with me.....

Oh yes, you're right if I look pathetic and suck in my cheeks I can appeal to the humans to ensure I get lots of sympathy and we get biscuits!

I don't know what that mule's looking at, maybe she wants a Cone to pick up mule transmissions too? Jealousy will get you nowhere Dragon!

And no I don't look silly!

I'm off to go and see what transmissions I pick up with my cone, maybe Major Cone will let me know where the doggy treats are hidden?  

Apparently I will be under the cone for another week until my stitches come out, oh well not to worry I'm quite enjoying all the attention and extra cuddles and biccies - yum!  

Thank you for all of my get well wishes - the humans have passed on every one along with scratches and biscuits, woofs and wags! xxx

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring Shots

We're so pleased that it sounds like Spring has arrived for our friends around the world - phew!  We all really needed it!  Today is wet and dismal here so we thought we'd remind ourselves that lurking underneath the rain are the true signs of Spring here at Muleteer HQ! Here are a few of our favourite shots of Spring from this week :-)

Our neighbours are back with their Spring Lambys!

The jackdaws are busy building their nests

They have been busily carrying away bits of Roller fur, straw, grass and mud for their nests…. we're happy to donate!

We're all busy moulting out our coats…. and looking a little moth eaten!

Roller is busy…. Rolling!  He likes a good roll in the mud to dislodge some of his copious fluff at this time of year.  It feels SO GOOD!

The plants are busy growing and blooming, mmmm tasty!

And FH has been busy seeding and feeding our paddocks with pony safe fertiliser, she says we've done a fairly good job of trashing it over the winter so it needs some help.  Anyway she needs the exercise if you know what we mean ;-)

We're all looking forward to the next days of Spring soon.  At the moment we're sheltering inside as it's raining and horrible, our poor Puppy friend had to have a hoperation yesterday on his wounded leg so we hope he's well soon - poor Milo, he is rather accident prone, alas the sight of the rain outside is stopping him from going stir crazy, some small comfort!

Have a lovely weekend, hope Spring is visiting you :-)