Sunday, 21 September 2014

First Ride!

Well Muleteer friends it's been a while but we just had to come back to report our excitement at our first ride by HF :-)

HF is rather pleased with our furry handsomeness and is never happier than when allowed to stroke and touch us all, apparently we are much more satisfying to stroke than those hairless humans ;-) We knew that we'd trained her well!  She does look really happy with herself doesn't she?

FH reckons that 19 weeks is old enough for a ride surely? OK so it was more of a sit but we reckon it still counts?

Roller was first to get in on the action... apparently he has been sanctioned as the first mount as he is 'bombproof'.... well he wouldn't notice anything anyway as his head is firmly attached to the grass in front of him!

I was not to be outdone though, whatever they say about me I know my job and it is to look after my herd and most especially my new rider - come on FH I told you when you were growing my new rider that she was MINE!

So come on HF hop on over, get off that ponio and discover the delights of looking through an amazing set of ears!

Yep there we go, don't I look just right with her on top!  Watch out FH if you grin anymore you'll split your face :-)

I'm off to plan some adventures for my new rider..... I have had a few folks say I look like a medieval jousting mule in my bug armour?  It befits my brave nature!

And finally apologies for our absence.... our human foal has been unwell (she is now getting better by the day) and we sadly lost MH's Mum recently so things have been a little difficult.  We are pleased to report that all inhabitants of Muleteer HQ - furry and non furry are well and enjoying life, we will update on all of their fun and frolics soon!

Ears Waves, Snuffles, Miaows, Woofs, Gurgles and of course Neigh-Brays to you all xxx