Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Little Pony

That's it folks, I've found my calling in life!  This little girl is already a huge 'My Little Pony' fan. Well who wouldn't be?!

I am officially this little HF's very own My Little Pony.  We had a little chat, well erm a snuffle really but don't tell ;-) and I offered my handsome services as her forever pony and I was accepted.

The acceptance sounded a bit like raspberry, coo, coo, gurgle but I got the meaning!

And what better way to celebrate? A munch on some haylage just for me and a little riding practice for the HF, she is rather a natural.  

I'm a little worried as she already looks the perfect size on me, think we need to have words with FH about feeding her so much hay as I don't want her to grow too quickly…...

…. because we all know what will happen then…..

This Dragon has designs on My Little Foal…. she's gonna have a long wait….. this one's mine for the moment :-)

Back soon friends, snuffles and mini pony ear waves! 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Three Muleteers and a Baby

Wow, it's been a while since we've posted, we have missed all of our blog friends and have missed commenting on your many blogs.  We have managed to follow them a little though, often at 4am with no ability to comment but we have been enjoying your posts nonetheless.

I've stolen the Muleteers blog just for a little while to update you all, don't worry their new year's resolution is to get back to chatting to you all!

Needless to say it was a very busy 2014 with the addition of our newest Muleteer member in May, hard to believe she is now 8 months old - yikes!  I was chatting with the minis this morning about life in general and remember wondering how on earth we would manage with all of our furry gang and a new baby and 'life' as well…..

Well we're relieved / delighted / pleased / exhausted to report that it can be done! All of our furry clan are doing fantastically and their new little sister loves them more than we could ever have imagined.  They have all enhanced each others' lives as we hoped they would.  It has been very hard though….. there have been nights where we haven't slept much when the last thing we wanted to do was muck out beds, fill hay nets or walk the dogs but these things gotta be done. And done they have been, MH has become PA to The Muleteers most of the time and is exceptional at housekeeping duties, grooming and scratches with assistance for the rest from me and HF when the weather allowed. Thanks MH you're a star :-)

We have strapped HF in to her baby carrier and walked the canine comedians daily who have been exemplary and taught HF the beauty of nature (and the delights of chasing shadows!).  Murph grows a little greyer each week as he realises his puppy raising duties have taken on a whole new level of complicated, he solemnly allows himself to be pulled and teethed on and just wags a lot.  Milo is HF's partner in crime, he can make her smile just by walking in the room and dutifully assists with clean up duty now that she is loving (read throwing, smearing, tearing, mushing, dribbling) real food…. obviously no faces are washed in this 'clean up' ;-)

Dragon has been ridden lots by Smiley Human and me when I can manage it, she has turned in to a wonderful riding mule enjoying cantering on the moor and pottering around the lanes. She is also a delight for HF who squeals at her, we can already 'hear' her saying "when can I ride Dragon?" Dragon just peers at her benevolently with a maternal look in her eye.

The Mini is still the apple of his Mummy's eye (sssh don't tell anyone, there's room in my heart for all of them ;-) and is HF's fluffy favourite.  Somehow The Mini has claimed HF for his own and when she appears he is quick to make sure the others don't get a look in….. although petrified of most adults and only willing to let them have a cursory touch he is quite happy to be climbed on and pulled at by HF who is particularly fond of his ears, who wouldn't be!

Roller is the ‘My Little Pony’ that every little girl would love to play with, he has been officially ‘backed’… with Roller this involves having HF placed on his back while he turns his nose to check she’s on board and then some standing very still and then a little s-l-o-w walking and some more standing – perfect! Roller’s fluff is also delicious to sink little hands in to and boy does he smell like heaven J

And of course our trusty huntress Diesel is busy terrorising the local mouse population and when not doing that is snuggled up tightly with her mini pals hiding from the winter weather. She tends to give HF a wide berth at the moment, happy to watch from afar (sensible you may say).

Oh and the humans? Well HF is just the best little person we could have hoped for! She was rather poorly early on but is now much better and is just the happiest little baby.  Full of squeals, coos and raspberries, her favourite things in the world are her furry brothers and sisters, music and food…. takes after her parents there. And then there's me and MH…. I think it's fair to say we are greyer, more tired, slightly dishevelled and occasionally incoherent but we are definitely happier than ever with our expanded Muleteer gang, they all make us very proud and happy!

Here's hoping for a healthy, happy, fulfilled 2015 for everyone reading and we look forward to catching up with you all again soon!