Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Love Affair....

Gosh it's been a while hasn't it?  For this we (two legs and four) are very sorry!  We have all missed our friends online and have been hoping to find enough time to say hi!

All ears long and short are well and happy.  Us Muleteers are enjoying the summer grass and loving the occasional sunny day.  My long eared mulish companions are always busy neigh braying and eating everything in sight.

Dragon continues to conquer every path she treads and The Mini excels himself in looking ridiculous (errm no I didn't say that, I mean handsome) in his bug rug shield of steel (this is his third of the season, the others are shredded.....).

And me your humble pony Roller?  Well I am adapting well to my newest role in life..... The Love of HER Life....

What's that you say?  Yes, it is true my little friend Human Foal is really rather taken with me as you can see :-)

We eat together.  OK well I eat...

And HF plays 'dress up' with my food, why not I say?

Sometimes we play circus pony, I'm helping her with her walking skills ;-) 

And other times we play pony rides.  And yes I eat a bit more..... it's very hungry work you know!

Hmm and other times that naughty Mini gets in on the act and takes my HF away.... I can see I've got competition!

We promise to be back again soon!  We are all wonderfully well and hope you all are too :-)

We send you whinnies, neigh-brays, miaows, wags and woofs!  Oh and the humans say hi too!


  1. Hello Muleteers! So good to see all of you looking so well and happy. Thanks for the update Roller, I can see you have your hooves full.

  2. It is so lovely to hear from you and I am delighted that everyone is well. You have been missed!!
    With love from Judy in Cambridge

  3. Human foals are such fun aren't they. You all look well and happy. I often wonder how you are all getting on nice to have an update. xx

  4. So lovely to see your post, and I love all your photos. You all look great! :)

  5. Hola Callie y familia! Always thinking of you, so lovely to see you all being well, happy and perfectly armoured!

    ♥ Besos (kisses) mis amigos


  6. Lovely to see, glad you are all well. Sending lots of love as always <3 xxx They grow up so quickly.

  7. Dear All
    Thrilled to hear from you and have so often wondered how you are all faring. Am touched that you should still share the photos of your precious little world with us but it really is appreciated. Pics are more gorgeous than ever and little HF is so like her Mum. Just musing that love must mean patiently replacing rug after rug when they repeatedly get shredded .... oh, the Mini, aren't you naughty :-) Love, scratches and cuddles from Susan in Cambridge. xxx

  8. Great to see you all looking so well xx

  9. How did I find myself here? {scratching head way across the pond in the U.S.} I don't know but now that I found you I'm not leaving. I told the cat Mandu, Katya, and Luka about mules and they were skeptical. (Our wonderful little dog, Hayley, would have loved them.) Thank you for this blog, oh my.