Sunday, 8 February 2015

Gotta Love That Dragon Mule!

This picture says everything about why I love the Dragon Mule.  Dragon has been the member of our gang who has to had compromise a little more than the others.  For a mule that loves to work and explore we've had to put things a little on the back burner.  My time is no longer quite my own and especially with being in the depths of winter she gets ridden occasionally by Smiley Human or even less occasionally by me.

I admit that I have worried about how this effects her and have thought long and hard about if it's fair to deny her one of her greatest pleasures…. but I have taken good advice and especially liked the advice that her 'job' at the moment is to fit in with family life :-) To be fair she seems happy enough with her lot in life and is very much loved, fed, watered and entertained (as much as can be managed - she'd always love more).

So this morning was one of my morning duties with HF under MH's control (much to his pleasure!), it was my turn to act as chief poo shoveller and to get Dragon ready for her ride with Smiley Human.  I was organising some hay and had the tarpaulin out, Dragon hasn't seen this for a while but thought it was great fun.  So much fun that she had to wear it and parade in it.  She is so unbotherable that she didn't even move when I plonked it very loudly on her back, I do believe that she flicked a ear at me as if to say, is that it? So I went back to my jobs and let her revel in her new fashion item…. Super Mule anyone?

She wasn't moving though when I was trying to sweep the yard so I had to go under her….

I love this mule, she is crazy opinionated and can whip you well with her Dragon tail but underneath it is a brain the size of a small country, a really willing heart and a softy.  No sooner had she whipped me with the Dragon tail whilst trying to do up her girths / cinches than she was happily burying her head in my arms for scratches.

Once she had swapped her Super Mule cape for her saddle off she pottered with Smiley Human, she hadn't been out for three weeks, the weather was good and she'd eaten a little too much good haylage - eek!  I was a little concerned about her behaviour for Smiley Human - who always just smiles at any antics.  I don't know why I bothered worrying really?

Smiley Human reported back that she had been perfect; the normal trains, bikes, tractors, cars, people and life in general firmly put in their place by brave muletta Dragon.

Then Smiley Human reported back that we had forgotten to put her stirrups on the saddle…..oops! Oh well, just a good job that she is a perfect muletta hey? I blame it on baby brain or the terrible cold that I have at the moment, many would say it's just my natural air-headedness.  Alas it's a good job the Dragon mule has brains enough for the rest of us :-) And a very good job because she'll be carrying a precious cargo in a few years time…..

Have a great week!  By the way thank you for all of your comments, even if I don't get chance to reply as much as I'd like I love reading every single one of them and its lovely to hear from old friends. We'll be back again soon!