Monday, 23 March 2015


Spring is in the air, the grass is getting green and we're shedding our winter coats! FH is despairing of the effect a moulting mule can have on a clean fleece jacket, we reckon the mule hair look is in for this season?

We have been a little bit busy so getting our hooves on the blogging technology has been a bit challenging! But we are all doing great :-)

We love this time of year! The nights are drawing out so we see more of the humans in the daylight, the sunshine warms our backs and there is more time for fun.  Dragon is enjoying some lovely rides, us minis are loving our endless fuss from the Human Foal and MH and FH and generally we are just enjoying being together.

Our happy little herd of mates is about as perfect as it gets we reckon, we are quite happy to share the tiniest slice of green that our humans provide… they are a bit mean!

We're off for some sun bathing and day dreaming… Roller dreams of shoes, the Mini dreams of banana skins and Dragon is dreaming of her next adventure….

Take care folks!