Wednesday, 16 September 2015

An Identity Crisis!

Erm.... FH.... I feel a bit silly in my new rug.....  I was pleased when you told me that you'd bought me another shield of steel against those pesky bugs but really?  I know us Muleteers are fine examples of Equus asinus x Equus caballus but did you really have to make me look like an Equus zebra as well?  A mini mule could end up having an identity crisis!

What's that?  It was the only colour left in my (perfect) size at this end of the season.  Hmm ok... And it's supposed to copy the zebra's stripes because flies don't like them?  Hmmm we'll see, if anyone can test that theory I can!  If there's a fly around it will find me for sure.

So I guess I better give this rug a thorough testing out, if only for 'scientific' purposes!

Sending ear waves and zebra like tail swishes to our faithful followers, it has been lovely to hear from you all, thank you for your comments - each one is read with huge happiness!

Your ever handsome Mini xxx

Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Love Affair....

Gosh it's been a while hasn't it?  For this we (two legs and four) are very sorry!  We have all missed our friends online and have been hoping to find enough time to say hi!

All ears long and short are well and happy.  Us Muleteers are enjoying the summer grass and loving the occasional sunny day.  My long eared mulish companions are always busy neigh braying and eating everything in sight.

Dragon continues to conquer every path she treads and The Mini excels himself in looking ridiculous (errm no I didn't say that, I mean handsome) in his bug rug shield of steel (this is his third of the season, the others are shredded.....).

And me your humble pony Roller?  Well I am adapting well to my newest role in life..... The Love of HER Life....

What's that you say?  Yes, it is true my little friend Human Foal is really rather taken with me as you can see :-)

We eat together.  OK well I eat...

And HF plays 'dress up' with my food, why not I say?

Sometimes we play circus pony, I'm helping her with her walking skills ;-) 

And other times we play pony rides.  And yes I eat a bit more..... it's very hungry work you know!

Hmm and other times that naughty Mini gets in on the act and takes my HF away.... I can see I've got competition!

We promise to be back again soon!  We are all wonderfully well and hope you all are too :-)

We send you whinnies, neigh-brays, miaows, wags and woofs!  Oh and the humans say hi too!