The Muleteers

The Mini

The Mini is the leader of the Muleteers, at the whopping size of 8 hands he is most certainly in charge.  His diminutive size belies his huge personality!  He is the founding member of the Muleteer clan and tells all in no uncertain terms that FH belongs to him... His favourite things are banana peels, cuddles from FH and having his bottom scratched.  Learn more about him here..

Love of my life.... a miniature mule


Dragon is also known as Callie - she is the largest member of the gang at 14hh, she is only five and is still in training but enjoys taking FH for rides on Dartmoor and around the lanes, she is also rather enjoying Horse Agility.  She loves to work and is never happier than when she's out and about and loves showing off her mountain goat skills on the rocky and steep terrain here on the moor.  She is very attached to both her mini pals but is also very much an independent woman!  Her favourite things are working, eating wood and trainspotting.  Learn more about her here ....

Striking a Deal with The Dragon Mule


Roller (aka Ro-Land or Roller Polar) is the honorary long ear, he is really a mini shetland pony who generally looks after the mules.  He takes care of their histrionics and likes to ensure life is a chilled out affair. The best word to describe this lovely pony is 'Gentle', he is nothing like most people's idea of a shetland, we promise!  He spends many hours deep in thought and doesn't know what all the fuss is about sometimes?  His favourite things are... peace and quiet, sleep, shoes and grass.  Learn more about him here... and here


Catanian (aka Diesel) is the feline companion to the Three Muleteers.  Acquired to catch mice she has endeared herself to long and short ears alike and occasionally likes to join her gang for a walk.  She enjoys sleeping in the stable with the minis and will often be found curled up next to one late at night.  She and the Mini are in love, Catanian enjoys riding on the Mini's back and pawing at his nose.  Her favourite things are.. mice, climbing on the humans' heads and sitting on their shoulder like a parrot, playing with The Mini and sunbathing.  Learn more about her here ....

Female Human

Female Human (aka FH) is personal assistant to The Three Muleteers, she ensures that they are fed, watered and clean at all times and enjoys taking them for walks, giving them ample cuddles, riding Dragon and generally spending every available moment with her beloved gang.  FH has always been obsessed with anything equine, her childhood heroine was Calamity Jane, her favourite toy My Little Pony, she is now lucky enough to live the life she always dreamed of (with a healthy dollop of mud, a depleted bank balance, little glamour but bundles of fun!!).

FH has to work for a living as well as looking after the muleteers, after a life of academic pursuits she now has her perfect job; she works for the world's largest long ears charity and spends her days pursuing greater knowledge of donkeys and mules, one day she will wake up from the dream.....

Male Human

Male Human (aka MH) is long suffering....
MH was dragged in to the life of muleteers, mud and much fun by FH, she always promised him a 'Life Less Ordinary'.......  MH comes from warm climes and despairs of the cold English weather!  MH was a mere beginner with four legs when he met FH mules years ago but is now a proficient mule wrangler.  MH is particularly good at the nice things like treats and scratches and provides endless entertainment to us Muleteers in his pursuit of garden perfection, Dragon spends hours squawking at him to provide endless tree branches to chew, MH is soft on her.  MH has a love of horse power of a different variety, we are gently persuading him that mule power is far superior ;-)


Murph is the long standing companion to FH, he has been by her side for dogs years! He was very pleased when MH came along to provide some manly discussions and share the load! He is a petite labrador affectionately called the 'Pocket Sized Labrador' by his fans.  Murph had rather a rough puppyhood and did not get the best of starts with humans.  After being rescued he found FH who wasn't looking for a sickly, poorly socialised, petrified puppy, he persuaded her none the less!  He faithfully watches over goings on at Muleteer HQ with his wise eyes and provides many wags, woofs and play bows of joy to all who he loves :-)

Being a labrador Murph loves food best, his love of all things edible (and inedible) frequently gets him in to bother, he is the proud destroyer of coats, shoes, flour sacks, dog food bins, trees, fruit packaging and enjoys the autumn bounty of apples and blackberries - it's a dogs life!


Milo is a hairy lurcher pup who came along to prevent Murph sliding in to middle age (he's certainly done that!).  He is a 'Heinz 57' mix of greyhound, deerhound, whippet and bedlington terrier and no one really knows how hairy he will end up being, for the moment he is the proud owner of a magnificent beard and wooly leg warmers!  A dog with a kinder temperament it would be hard to find, Milo always thinks everyone is his friend.... this can rather get him in to bother!  A lover of speedy runarounds, beard brushing, food (he has been brought up by a labrador and boy can you tell!) and affection he is never far from his humans' side.  We're hoping he will learn progressive braking and some self preservation..... he is rather injury prone, alas he enjoys life so much you can't slow him down.


  1. Lovely!
    How are things by you? I heard on the BBC broadcast news [over night on our National Public Radio Station] that there was some roads washed out and flooding in the UK?
    Funny. I immediately wondered how you folks were doing....

    1. Thanks Val, I always wonder about you guys too when there are things going on over the water :-) Things are getting better in this area, lots of flooding here in the south west but it is slowly improving. The land just can't take anymore rain but thankfully our house has survived and the stables just got 'damp'. Some of our neighbours haven't been so lucky poor things, thank goodness for old stone houses built on hills!

  2. True. Things in the Midwest are pretty quiet. We just need the rain to help with the deficit of rain ... -6 inches so far this year.

    I understand the land not taking anymore rain. We had hillslides and mudslides in 2007 what a mess it was...roads disappeared!

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